Curious about what it's like to work with me? Here's what my lovely health coaching and life coaching have to say.

On top of dealing with PCOS most of my life, I was recently diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. I tried every diet and I was never able to continue with it. Once I failed, I would just give up. Then, I found Julie and a new health journey began.

As a busy mom, I always had trouble prioritizing myself. So, she gave me tools to plan my meals accordingly. She taught me how to be more mindful of  what I eat and how much I eat. I learnt to cook a variety of different things that I never would have tried if it weren't for her. She never made me feel bad about my choices and instead, encouraged healthier swaps. She gave me the tools to help me control my sugars, lose weight and help with my PCOS symptoms.

So far, I've lost 10 lbs, my A1C went from 6.7 to 6.0 and I've never felt better :)

Thank you Julie for literally changing my life, for being a motivating and supportive health coach but most importantly, for always believing in me :) If you're stuck in a rut and need some guidance, I highly recommend contacting Julie!

Anne S, health coaching client

One of the things I've realized while working with Julie was how hard I was on myself. My inner-critic and perfectionism was contributing to my performance anxiety at work, my reluctance to pursue several projects in my personal life due to the fear of failure (or not getting it perfect), and the conflicts I would get into with my partner.

With her gentle approach, Julie helped me "reprogram" the way I talk to myself and to show myself compassion and patience.  She gave me tools to reframe situations I perceived as negative and helped me either feel more neutral about them or to see the opportunities. While it's a work in progress, I feel it has help reduced my stress at work and helped me improve my relationship with my partner.

I notice that I now wake up feeling more peaceful before my work day and overall feel like a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I'm happy with the direction my life is now taking, and I highly recommend working with Julie.

CM, life coaching client

I now have clarity about what's important in my life, versus the things I was doing because I was trying to avoid conflict and please others.

While it has been a learning process, I've learned to set boundaries with certain people and to say no to extra tasks at work at were draining me. I feel much more at peace these days and look forward to this new aligned life that I am building.

JS, life coaching client

On March 11th, 2020, I was officially diagnosed with borderline prediabetes along with the news of the pandemic. It was a difficult start of healing, and with a family history of diabetes, I knew I needed additional help.

I know Julie Doan's expertise and her health coaching business for a while now. I never thought I need it that soon until I heard the news.

This September 2020, I got the wonderful news that I am back to normal (from an HbA1c of 6.4% to 5.8%)! It's a journey that never stops evolving but I am determined to not go back to my old lifestyle.

Thank you Julie for the support in my journey toward a healthier me!

Christina T, health coaching client

Working with Julie I was able to lose 18 pounds and have continued to now lose 26 pounds. Having been someone who struggled to stick to a weight loss plan and yo yo dieted for years, Julie’s methods changed the way I eat in general and changed the way I think about food.

Being more mindful of when I am full and helping me find healthy replacements for the foods that I crave I have now developed healthier eating habits for the long term. Julie showed me how to still be able to enjoy what I love without guilt while losing weight and feeling in control.

Thank you Julie for all your help!

Noor M, health coaching client

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testimonial julie doan health coach
testimonial julie doan health coach
testimonial julie doan health coach
testimonial julie doan health coach
testimonial julie doan health coach
testimonial julie doan health coach
testimonial julie doan health coach
testimonial julie doan health coach
testimonial julie doan health coach
testimonial julie doan health coach

Before joining Julie's program, I was not really paying attention to what I was eating and nourishing my body. I didn't consider myself a healthy person because of this.

Julie's program taught me how to nourish my body with a holistic approach: with food, mental clarity and physical movement. I liked this because it wasn't just about diet. 

Julie is a great coach: she gave us personal feedback on our food journals (which really helped with keeping accountable and building healthy habits) and offering so many insights during the weekly coaching calls to keep us motivated throughout the program. 

I've incorporated many daily healthy habits like more balanced meals and daily hydration, thanks to this program that I stuck even after it ended

I've learned so much about my body by joining this program. I finally feel like my body is truly nourished thanks to Julie.

Kris D., a participant inside my 10-week group program

I now trust myself around food.

I always saw myself as someone who didn’t make great choices and over-indulged in unhealthy foods.

Now, I’m clear on what to eat in a way that is just easy and energizing for my body. This foundation was really important for me before I focused on losing weight. It’s a step and perspective that’s often missing in the weigh-loss industry and I’m so glad Julie offered this program in the way that she did.

C.P., a participant inside my 10-week group program

I have decided to seek help from Julie as I have severe hands eczema and I was ready to bring some changes in my lifestyle by focusing on my nutrition.

Julie is very professional and she gives recommendations that are evidence based. I appreciated greatly her collaborative approach as well as her plan tackled to my personal needs.

She has taught me about hormonal unbalance and the importance of gut health. With her guidance, I was able to progressively cut down on refined sugar and processed foods, and noticed a positive impact on my skin health. I am also currently more in the kitchen cooking my own meals, feeding my body with nutritious foods.

I'm grateful having the opportunity to work with her as she helped me gain back confidence and control of my life.

Emily M, health coaching client

Julie is an amazing health coach. While working with her I always felt supported and guided in a gentle way. She provided me with many tools that I continue to implement in my day to day.

I always looked forward to our sessions because I felt heard and I knew I would gain insight on my journey in a guilt-free environment.

Angie S, health coaching client

Working with Julie has been a complete pleasure and eye-opening experience. I always knew that I was an emotional eater but Julie gave me several "ah-ha" moments. "Being intentional" is my new mantra! 

Since we started our sessions, I have been able to force myself to be present and ask myself why I need to dive into an entire bag of chips. And I am proud to say I have not eaten emotionally since!

Even when I didn't follow our protocols exactly, she always had a gentle word, she reassured me and was always positive and light-hearted, but all the while staying focused on my goals. She helped me realign my goals, gave me great advice and made everything seem doable and possible

I stand behind my decision to work with Julie 100% and I highly recommend her and her expertise and gentle nature to anyone who needs a reset. Thank you, Julie, your guidance was much needed and very appreciated. 

Silvana T, health coaching client

Julie m’a grandement aidé à comprendre les bases de l’alimentation et m’a surtout inspiré à avoir une routine de vie plus saine!

Elle a trouvé des alternatives à toutes mes petites dépendances alimentaires et je la remercie beaucoup pour ça car j’adore manger. On pense souvent que “manger santé “ c’est de se priver , de restreindre ou d’arrêter complètement quelque chose mais ce n’est pas du tout ça car Julie m’a donné de très bonnes alternatives dont j’ai été super à l’aise à insérer dans mon mode de vie sans me sentir sur une diète militaire!

J’ai perdu 4 lbs en 4 semaines! (Sans entraînement). Je fais également des décisions plus saines et cela m’a grandement aidé à retrouver mon énergie (d’une maman qui dort 4h par nuit) ! N’attendez plus, faites appel à son expertise .

Elizabeth H, cliente en coaching de santé

J’étais une personne qui vivait beaucoup de fatigue après les repas. J’avais des baisses d’énergie aigues en après-midi, accompagné de « rush » de sucre intense. J’avais aussi l’objectif de perdre un peu de poids et de me préparer à une chirurgie.

J’ai pris connaissance du programme de 4 semaines avec Julie Doan qui présentait une solution à tous ces symptômes. Les symptômes ont cessé dès la deuxième séance et je me suis sentie plus énergisée durant tout le programme.

Julie nous propose un programme personnalisé et adapté à notre vie quotidienne grâce aux rencontres hebdomadaires. Elle nous fournit plein de documentation et d’information pour bien comprendre les mécanismes concernés. Ensuite elle nous explique en détail et réponds très clairement à toutes nos questions. Elle a un grand sens de vulgarisation.

La plateforme en ligne est super bien organisée et nous permet de faire un suivi quotidien sur notre progression. Ce qui est très encourageant!

Aussi, Julie nous fournit une tonne de recettes délicieuses qui nous permettent de bien s’organiser tout au long de notre réorientation.

De plus je repars avec une meilleure compréhension de mon corps, des aliments et des mécanismes de digestions et d’alimentation qui vont me servir toute la vie. Ce qui rends ce programme hyper intéressant grâce à tous ces outils.

Aujourd’hui je ne vie plus les symptômes mentionnés plus haut et lorsque ça m’arrive je comprends pourquoi.

Je n’ai pas perdu de poids mais ma masse corporelle a diminué de 3 à 7 %. Je me sens moins ballonnée et lourde.

Je suis extrêmement heureuse d’avoir entrepris le programme et j’ai beaucoup apprécié le professionnalisme de Julie.

Marie-Pierre D, cliente en coaching de santé

julie doan health coach


Hello! If we haven’t met yet, I’m Julie.

Combining my experience as a pharmacist and life + health coach, I'll help you better care for your health so that you can prevent chronic illnesses, reduce your need for medication*, and feel your best physically, mentally, and emotionally.

I offer both health coaching services for women with metabolic syndrome and conditions related to their menstrual cycle, as well as life coaching for healthcare professionals.

(*: Disclaimer: Always speak with your doctor first before making any changes to your current medication)

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