Hey there! Here' s a list of free resources to help you decrease your risk of developing diabetes, ditch your sugar craving and get support from people who understand what you're going through.

starter kit prediabetes

the ultimate prediabetes starter kit

Learn the 7 most important (and luckily simple) habits to develop if you want to live a healthier life, so that you can improve your health and avoid your prediabetes turning into diabetes.

sugar-free meal plan no added sugar reverse prediabetes diabetes

5 days to ditch sugar challenge

Trying to cut down on sugar, but not too sure how? Then my 5 Days To Ditch Sugar Challenge is perfect for you! At the end of the challenge, you'll learn how to better manage your sugar cravings and ultimately, improve your blood sugar levels. 

Next challenge date: Monday Jan 7 2019

prediabetes support group reverse prediabetes diabetes


The road to better health is always more fun when you have people in your life who understand what you're going through. Come join my free Facebook community for prediabetics and Type 2 diabetics who are ready to transform their health.


Hi there! If we haven't met, my name is Julie!

As a hospital pharmacist, I’ve been helping diabetic patients manage their blood sugars and drugs for the past 7 years.

While I do enjoy my work, I’m also very drawn to the preventative side of medicine.  I believe that lifestyle-associated diseases like Type 2 diabetes can be treated with a balanced nutrition, exercise and good sleep hygiene.

Long story short, this conviction led me to obtain a certification in holistic nutrition that is recognized by the Canadian Association of Natural Nutritional Practitioners.

Combining my knowledge in conventional medicine and holistic nutrition, I’m committed to using my expertise to help you decrease your insulin resistance to ultimately reverse your prediabetes.

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