Heal your acne naturally

Over 50 recipes to help you glow from within

The missing puzzle piece to your skincare routine

Over the 15 years I've struggled with acne, I've tried countless antibiotics, birth control pills, medicated cream and beauty products.

While a lot of them did help, I would still get frustrating
breakouts despite all the efforts I made, the money I spent, and the “right things” I did. (#discouraged)

It was only when I changed my diet because of some abnormal blood tests that I discovered the impact that nutrition had on my skin.  A few weeks after changing the way I ate, my eczema and acne started getting better

Eventually I was able to get off the birth control pill and only care for my skin through diet, lifestyle choices and a simple skin care routine (no more throwing money at random products!)

Using my knowledge in holistic nutrition and my own experience with acne, I'm dedicated to helping women like you heal their skin naturally so that they start feeling confident in their own skin again.

The Clear Confidence Method recipe book

The Clear Confidence Method program is my 1:1 coaching program to help women identify the root cause of their adult acne.

However, I understand that not everyone is ready to  work with a coach. And that's okay!

For this reason, I decided to share the skin-friendly recipes from my program with my online community.

This way, you can begin your acne-healing journey right away!

Preview of the recipe e-book:

In addition to over 50 delicious (and easy to make) recipes, I've prepared a delicious 7-day sample menu that you can use for inspiration so that healthy eating becomes easy for you. You'll also receive a pantry list of skin-friendly foods. No more wondering what the heck to eat!

Price: 19$ CAD

You will be brought to a secure check-out page on my client-management platform called "Practice Better".

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm busy! Are the recipes long to make?

I'm not a very good cook. Will I be able to make the recipes?

Are the recipes vegan or vegetarian?

Are refunds available?

Can you guarantee that this will heal my acne?

Disclaimer: You should always speak with you doctor first before adopting a new diet.  If you are on medication, pregnant, or breast-feeding, please consult a health professional first.  Also, don't stop any medication without first consulting your doctor.

Price: 19$ CAD

You will be brought to a secure check-out page on my client-management platform called "Practice Better".

Meet Julie

julie doan

Hi there! If we haven't met, I'm Julie Doan, a pharmacist and Holistic Skin & Health Coach.


I help women who are struggling with acne, emotional and stress eating, as well as weight gain. I teach them how to fuel their body with foods that nourish them, so that they can heal their skin, develop a healthy relationship with food, shed the excess pounds and feel energized throughout the day.

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