Nourish your Mind 

Nourish your Body

Nourished Mindset: a free workshop teaching you how to create sustainable changes in your health that feels GOOD

No, you don't need more "willpower"...

Maybe you think that in order for you to achieve your health goals, you need more willpower or discipline.

That you need to be more "strict" with yourself, to stick to lettuce and do longer workouts.


After having coached over 100 women, I know that the last thing you need right now is to be harder on yourself.

(You can breathe a sigh of relief.)

I'm here to show you another way to reach your health goals that feels empowering and nourishing.

And it begins with your mindset.

Nourished mindset julie doan
Nourished mindset julie doan

Healthy Habits to embrace your Nourished Self

Over 5 days, I share with you the foundational habits and mindset shifts that I teach my clients to help you:

-Improve your diet without deprivation

-Achieve your desired weight in a sustainable way

-Change your relationship with food and your body

-Get rid of the nagging feeling that you should be doing MORE and that you're falling behind

Free Recipe Book

When you sign up, you also receive a free mini-recipe book.

It contains meal and snack ideas that are yummy, simple to make, and that will nourish your body from the inside out.

(Promise, no recipe saying you need to only eat lettuce to be healthy!)

Meet Julie

julie doan

Hi there! If we haven't met, I'm Julie Doan, a pharmacist and Life & Health Coach.


I help women who are struggling with low energy, weight gain, painful periods and skin problems.

I teach them how to nourish their bodies through food, movement, and mindfulness, so that they can shed the excess pounds, feel energized throughout the day and confident in their skin.

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