You're in! ๐ŸŽ‰

Welcome to the Nourished Self Membership!

Below are some important information about the membership:
  • You will receive three e-mails from me. The e-mails will contain:
    1) Your invoice
    2) The link to access the membership and create your account
    3) Additional details on how to navigate the membership platform, link to the Facebook group, etc.

    If you don't see these e-mails in your inbox, please check you junk mail or spam folder

    You can also e-mail me at

  • When you log into your membership portal, you will only have access to the โ€œStart Hereโ€ module.

    You will get access to the rest of the videos and learning materials on October 24th 2022 (thatโ€™s when we officially begin!).

See you soon!

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