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Life Coaching For Health Practitioners

I help women healthcare professionals who are looking to better manage their stress, prioritize their mental and emotional well-being, and add more joy into their professional and personal life.   

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Life Coaching For High-Achieving Women

Everyone can benefit from life coaching! After guiding healthcare professionals, I've decided to open up my practice to women outside the healthcare field.

This service is for you if you feel like you've checked off all the boxes to what was supposed to bring you happiness but still have a lingering sense that something's missing.

I help you reconnect with what truly matters to you in order to create a Life that lights you up and feels good to you (versus one that looks good but feel empty).

What my lovely clients say

I now have clarity about what's important in my life, versus the things I was doing because I was trying to avoid conflict and please others. 

While it has been a learning process, I've learned to set boundaries with certain people and to say no to extra tasks at work that were draining me. I feel much more at peace these days and look forward to this new aligned life that I am building.

-Juliana S.

I notice that I now wake up feeling more peaceful before my work day and overall feel like a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I'm happy with the direction my life is now taking, and I highly recommend working with Julie.

-Christine M.

Julie Doan pharmacist coach

Hi, I'm Julie

(but call me Jules!)

Acne. Eczema. Reflux. Constantly exhausted. Stressed out.

That's what my health looked like at the age of 24. When I got the diagnosis of high cholesterol that year, I told myself that enough was enough. Something had to change.

And so my journey into a healthier and more balanced lifestyle began.

Create a life that lights you up

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