What is Reset Your Health?

It's 1:1 and personalized program is designed to provide you the building blocks to start losing weight, managing your cravings, getting rid of constant fatigue, and reduce your need for medication.

The Reset Your Health is the kick-start program for people who have one of the following health goals (click on the title to see more):

Stress eating & Weight-loss

 Prediabetes, Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol

PCOS, Painful periods


You can learn how to eat healthy and lead a balanced lifestyle

Contrary to popular belief, eating balanced meals or having healthy lifestyle habits is NOT something you're just born knowing (or if you weren't shown this as a kid, you're screwed). You can LEARN and PRACTICE the skill of eating and living healthy.

And I’m here to show you step-by-step how to do this.

Towards the end of our work together, eating healthy and being more active will have become a habit.

We can either decide to continue working together and build additional skills, or you can continue your health journey on your own with all the tools and strategies I will have given you.

Want to know if this service is right for you? Click here to book your free 30-minute Q&A call with me to see if we'd make a good team.

The areas of health I can help you with

During our time together, I will coach you on these different areas of your health:


  • Personalized macro-nutrients and daily calories recommendations based on your health goals and your body composition (don't worry, I won't ask you to count calories!)
  • Recommendations on foods to eat more of and foods to eat less off depending on your goals (weight-loss, improved digestion, clearing acne, etc).
  • Suggestions on how to build a daily and weekly menu based on your macro-nutrients and daily calories recommendations
  • Advice on how to meal plan and prep to make eating healthy possible on a busy schedule
  • Advice on how to order balanced meals at restaurants, take-outs or while on vacation... and still enjoy yourself!
  • Recipes

Fitness (if you have a weight-loss goal)

  • Exercise plan adapted to your level of fitness (don't worry if you're a beginner, you can start with walking around your neighborhood!)
  • Exercise recommendations

Then depending on your needs, we'll discuss about

  • Stress management
  • Sleep and rest
  • Stress and emotional eating
  • Developing a better relationship with food
  • Mindset work to manage self-sabotage
  • Body-image

What you get in the Reset Your Health program:

What you get:

  • 4 x 60 minutes online video calls or in-person* 
    (every 2 weeks, over the duration of 8 weeks)
  • Personalized action plan after each session
  • Message support between sessions
  • In-between session accountability and follow-up form
  • One evaluation of food journal between each session to let you know if you're on the right track
  • Recipes

*In person consultations: At my co-working space Le Tribe (6900 Decarie), or in a coffee shop in the Jean-Talon Market area.


  • 500$ by payment plan: 250$ deposit and 250$ in 4 weeks
  • 450$ if paid in full

Insurance coverage:

If your private insurance company covers services from a naturopath, I will provide you with an insurance receipt. I am a member of the Association des Naturopathes Professionnels du Québec.

If not, you can claim it as a medical expense on your tax return.

Want to know if this service is right for you? Click here to book your free 30-minute Q&A call with me to see if we'd make a good team.


When I was diagnosed with PCOS, my doctor wanted to put me on a drug called metformin. I absolutely refused and went online to search for a coach to naturally help me manage my condition.

I'm so happy I found Julie. With her help, I lost 22 pounds, improved my acne and got my period to become more regular (which it hasn't been for several years). Thanks to the changes I've made with Julie, I'm confident I'll never have to take pills to manage my PCOS.

I highly recommend her services!

Amy G.

Working with Julie has been a complete pleasure and eye-opening experience. I always knew that I was an emotional eater but Julie gave me several "ah-ha" moments. "Being intentional" is my new mantra! 

Since we started our sessions, I have been able to force myself to be present and ask myself why I need to dive into an entire bag of chips. And I am proud to say I have not eaten emotionally since!

Even when I didn't follow our protocols exactly, she always had a gentle word, she reassured me and was always positive and light-hearted, but all the while staying focused on my goals. She helped me realign my goals, gave me great advice and made everything seem doable and possible

I stand behind my decision to work with Julie 100% and I highly recommend her and her expertise and gentle nature to anyone who needs a reset. Thank you, Julie, your guidance was much needed and very appreciated. 

Silvana T.

Before I met Julie I was struggling to lose weight. I always did the type of diet that was on trend at the moment, like keto and Paleo. I lost the weight VERY Fast but put it right back on just as fast.

I’m a mom boss with little free time on my hands. I needed someone who would put meal plans together and help me change my way of thinking about food.

Julie provided me with the delicious healthy meals that kept me very full. She helped me per plan my outings so I’d look at the menu before going to a restaurant. Doing so helped me stay on track.

I lost 24lbs with Julie help! I’m 2 pounds away from my goal weight. I feel better from the inside out.

Julie is a wonderful sweet woman. Very easy to get along with. I connected with her our fist meeting. She takes her time to explain how things work.

I highly recommend her.

Julia C.

Imagine what it would feel like to

  • Feel confident and amazing in your own body
  • Wake up in the morning feeling rested and energized
  • Feel in control of your food, instead of feeling like a slave to your cravings
  • Let go of the guilt and shame you feel around food, and instead feel confident in your ability to make the best choices for your body so that you end each day feeling proud of yourself
  • Have the energy to go out with friends or date nights with your partner after work, instead of cancelling your plans because you're too tired
  • Receive compliments on how your skin is glowing and how confident you appear
  • Have pain-free periods that no longer prevent you from doing your daily activities
  • Hear your doctor tell you that your blood tests have come back great and that you can start reducing your medication

More client love

Julie m’a grandement aidé à comprendre les bases de l’alimentation et m’a surtout inspiré à avoir une routine de vie plus saine!

Elle a trouvé des alternatives à toutes mes petites dépendances alimentaires et je la remercie beaucoup pour ça car j’adore manger. On pense souvent que “manger santé “ c’est de se priver , de restreindre ou d’arrêter complètement quelque chose mais ce n’est pas du tout ça car Julie m’a donné de très bonnes alternatives dont j’ai été super à l’aise à insérer dans mon mode de vie sans me sentir sur une diète militaire!

J’ai perdu 4 lbs en 4 semaines! (Sans entraînement). Je fais également des décisions plus saines et cela m’a grandement aidé à retrouver mon énergie (d’une maman qui dort 4h par nuit) ! N’attendez plus, faites appel à son expertise .

Elizabeth H.

Julie has helped me lose 17 pounds, and bring down my HbA1c results from 6.4% to 5.9%. Because of her, I know I’m on the right track to reversing my prediabetes.

Amanda S.

I've struggled with my weight my entire life and have been a binge eater for as long as I can remember. However, I decided to make a change and turn things around as I'm getting ready for my second pregnancy. I didn't want complications like I had with my first child and I knew I needed help.

What surprised me the most with Julie's approach was that I didn't feel miserable or deprived like I had when I tried different diets on my own. I owe this to the fact that Julie has helped me develop a much more balanced and healthy relationship with food.  She has helped me to see it as fuel for my body and as a beautiful way to care for myself, versus something that simply makes me lose or gain weight. I no longer feel guilt or anxiety about what I eat.

Thanks the plan she has created for me, and the mindset work we do together, I have lost 12 pounds and no longer feel the need to binge eat at night. Thank you Julie for the help you've given me and I'm excited to continue our work together.

Emily M.

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Meet Julie

julie doan

Hi there! If we haven't met, I'm Julie Doan, a pharmacist, certified diabetes educator and Holistic Skin & Health Coach.


I help women who are struggling with acne, hormonal imbalances, emotional and stress eating, as well as weight gain. I teach them how to fuel their body with foods that nourish them, so that they can heal their skin, develop a healthy relationship with food, shed the excess pounds and feel energized throughout the day.

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