Create a Life that lights you up

Reconnect to what matters the most to you

I help women reconnect to what truly matters to them in order to create a Life that lights them up.

You checked off all the boxes, and yet...

Growing up, you were told that if you went to a good school, chose a "respectable" career, hung out with the right crowd, married well, got 2 kids, and bought a house in nice neighborhood, you'd be happy.

So you worked your buns off to create this life for yourself.

And because you're ambitious and competent, you checked off all the boxes... and more (I see you, high-achiever).

While you're happy about what you've accomplished, something feels a little (or very) off.

Perhaps you feel overwhelm and stressed as soon as you open your eyes.

You're always in a rush, jumping from task to the next, with barely a moment to catch your breath in between.

You feel that no matter what you do, it'll never be enough. So you work even harder to prove yourself.

You're cranky, and snap at your partner and kids... and then feel guilty about it.

As for self-care... what's that again?

Or maybe things are actually quite good. But there's still a part of you who feels uninspired by the direction your life took and who secretly wonders "Is this really all there is?".

Deep down, you know you want MORE. 

There's a part of you who wants to feel passionate and ignited by what you do.

Who wants to feel a sense of calm and ease as you go through your day.

Who desires deep meaningful connections with the people in your life.

Who knows that the way you've been treating yourself is unfair, and wants to learn how to be kind and loving to yourself.

Who wants to say "screw it" to society's expectations of you and instead follow what's actually important to you.

Who dreams of feeling lit up by your own Life.

Don't ignore this voice.

I know it can feel scary to follow this voice because it would mean stepping outside of your comfort zone and letting  go of certain aspects of your current Life.

But here's the good news:

1) The Life that's waiting for you on the other side is 100% worth it.

2) You don't have to do this alone. I can help you.

I now have clarity about what's important in my life, versus the things I was doing because I was trying to avoid conflict and please others. 

While it has been a learning process, I've learned to set boundaries with certain people and to say no to extra tasks at work that were draining me. I feel much more at peace these days and look forward to this new aligned life that I am building.

-Juliana S

Say yes to yourself today.

Book your free 45-min call with me to see if Life Coaching is right for you.

What to expect

4 months of 1:1 coaching and mentorship to help you reconnect to what matters most to you, release what no longer serves you, restore your sense of peace and wellbeing, and create a life that lights you up.

During our time together, I will give you tools to:

-Identify your core values and practical ways to integrate them into your life to add more joy, satisfaction, and meaning.

-Help you slow down and be more present in your Life.

-Create new habits and belief patterns that support the life you want.

-Grow your emotional intelligence and resilience

-Set boundaries in your personal and professional life in order to honor your needs.

-Identify the beliefs that are contributing to your stress and anxiety and that are holding you back from experiencing more joy and ease.

-Quiet your inner-critic and shed the people-pleasing tendencies that are exhausting you.

-Help you cultivate a healthy and supportive relationship with yourself.

Let's get started.

Details and Investment

- 8 x 60 minute sessions (2 sessions per month)

- Access to learning material

-  Text and voice message support between sessions 

Investment: 1600$ CAD total (tax included)

Payment plan of 400$/month x 4 months available

My services are covered by certain private insurances.

If this service speaks to you, send me a message to book your free call to see if we'd make a good fit.

"I notice that I now wake up feeling more peaceful before my work day and overall feel like a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I'm happy with the direction my life is now taking, and I highly recommend working with Julie."

-Christine M.

Create a life that lights you up

Book your free 45-min call with me to see if Life Coaching is right for you.

What can coaching help with?

In case you're new to the concept of coaching and wondering how it can support you, below are some examples from past clients of things they wanted help with:

- Switching to a more fulfilling job

-Finally starting a side business after years of just "thinking about it"

-Helping a client manage her performance anxiety and confidently step into a new senior position she was promoted to

-Being more present and enjoying the Life a client worked so hard to build, instead of letting it slip her by

-Breaking the habits of emotional spending + emotional eating and learning how to get their needs met outside of material objects and food

-Creating boundaries with work to avoid burnout

-Creating more fulfilling relationships with the people already in her Life and making new friends as an adult

-Letting go of a negative outlook on Life and cultivating more gratitude and appreciation

-Prioritizing self-care and their own needs after years of giving to others

Whatever you need help with, I'd be honored to support you.

Say yes to yourself today.

Book your free 45-min call with me to see if Life Coaching is right for you.

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