Struggling to Eat Healthy Meals All Week While in Quarantine?

Over 5 Days, I’ll Show You How Can Plan Healthy Meals Quickly and Easily...

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5-Day Menu Planning Workshop

Here's what you get

This 5-Day Menu Planning Workshop is a 100% online program so you can join us from anywhere in the world.


You’ll discover planning and preparing for healthy eating doesn’t need to be time-consuming or overwhelming… it can be simple, quick, and even a bit fun!


Over 5 days, you’ll receive by e-mail:

  • Daily tips and resources to help you become a menu planning ninja

  • A step-by-step process for taking inventory of what’s in your fridge, freezer and pantry and determining what to keep, toss or donate.
  • Directions on how to make a “menu planning success strategy” so you know EXACTLY when and where you’ll take action on your weekly menu planning.
  • Grocery shopping strategies for making the most out of each trip (so you can get in and out with more money left in your pocket.)
  • Meal prep time-saving tips. Become a food prepping machine with these success tips for batching, prepping ahead, and getting other people to help you in the kitchen.
  • A free 7-day "Stay At Home" meal plan to help give you some recipe ideas and inspiration during the quarantine.
  • Daily coaching support from Julie, a health coach, to help you succeed with each action step and overcome any challenges along the way.

5-Day Menu Planning Workshop

Who's hosting the workshop?

julie doan

Hi! If we haven't met yet, I’m Julie.

I’m a pharmacist and health coach specialized in helping women regain your health naturally so that they can feel great in their body, have the energy to thrive and do the things they love and enjoy an illness-and-pill-free life.

My areas of expertise include weight-loss, emotional eating, acne, eczema, reproductive health issues, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

I know if you apply my step-by-step methods, you will be able to build momentum with your health goals without feeling overwhelmed or deprived.

Why is this free?

Quite simply, I love sharing helpful tips and resources about this topic, because I know how challenging it can be (even more so with the quarantine!).

There's no catch.

The Meal Plan Like A Pro Workshop is 100% free, and if you need more help after it’s over (and it feels right to you), you can learn more about the other resources and support I offer. There’s no pressure or obligation for you to sign up for anything at the end of this - that option will simply be there if you need it.

Disclaimer: You should always speak with you doctor first before adopting a new diet.  If you are on medication, pregnant, or breast-feeding, please consult a health professional first. If you are on insulin, it is not recommend you do this sugar-free challenge without supervision, as your blood sugar might become low if you don't adjust your dose. 2020. All rights Reserved   I   Privacy Policy  I   Disclaimer  I Terms of Use