Update: This course is no longer available as of May 8 2024. Links to join the course have been disabled.

What do cravings, energy crashes, weight gain, acne, painful periods, and prediabetes have in common?

It's unbalanced blood sugar levels.

And most of us don't even know it's a problem we have.

Let's change that.

Is this you?

You have regular cravings for sweets or refined starchy-foods (chips, fries, bread) that you have trouble resisting.

You get hungry at 10am even if you just ate your breakfast 1.5 hour ago.

You go into a food coma after a brunch out with friends.

You  drag your feet to get your afternoon caffeine fix to survive the last few hours of work.

You feel like you're in a constant brain fog, making it difficult to focus and stay productive.

If you answered yes to any (or several) of these statements...

You likely have unbalanced blood sugar levels.

And you're not alone.

With our modern way of eating that is overly centered on refined carbohydrates, most of us are experiencing sugar highs and sugar crashes (a.k.a. unbalance blood sugar levels) that not only contribute to the situations above...

But also to inflammatory conditions, hormone imbalance and risk of Type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

And this is where the Balanced course comes in!

Introducing: Balanced

Balanced is my online course to help you calm your cravings, improve your energy levels, support your weight loss journey and reduce your risk of illness by balancing your blood sugar levels through the foods you eat.

Imagine what it would feel like to

Feel in control of your food, instead of feeling like a slave to your cravings.

Wake up in the morning feeling clear-headed, instead of dealing with brain fog.

Having stable energy throughout the day, instead of crashing at 3 PM and rushing to the coffee machine.

Staying focused at work, instead of being distracted by your 11 AM hanger.

Gradually see the scale move down after years of trying to lose weight.

Experiencing better periods, as well as less PMS, cravings and painful cramps.

See the inflammation in your joints go down and finally being able to move with ease again.

Have your doctor tell you that you're no longer considered prediabetic and your blood tests have come back normal.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

1. Understand the science

I'll guide your through an in-depth but easy to understand course on blood sugar balance and how certain foods affect your body.

Understanding this has helped my clients make empowered decisions around their meals. They often tell me how different they feel after 2-3 weeks. 

2. practical steps to create balanced meals

Once you've gained the knowledge, we'll put it into practice right away!

I show you how to create breakfasts, lunches, suppers and snacks that are gentle on your blood sugar levels so that you can reduce cravings, have stable energy through out the day and feel clear-headed.

3. recipes

I'll share with you over 100+ blood-sugar friendly recipes.

These are the same recipes that I share with my 1:1 clients.

julie doan coach pharmacist

About Julie

Hi there! If we haven't met, I'm Julie Doan, a pharmacist and health Coach. 

I help women women embrace an intuitive way of eating to nourish themselves and let go of the restrictive diets.

I teach them how to regain their health naturally, reduce their need for medication, heal their relationships with food, and take care of their bodies in a way that’s sustainable and enjoyable. 

While I use different approaches in my 1:1 practice, blood sugar balance is the #1 tool I use with ALL of my clients.

And I want you to benefit from it too.

What my clients have experienced by balancing their blood sugar levels

Learning about blood sugar balance has changed so much for me!

I used to get these awful afternoon headaches and had to take Tylenol to manage them. But since changing my daytime meals, I've barely had any!

My energy is also better (I'm no longer crashing on the sofa when I get home) and my skin has also cleared up since I've made these small but impactful changes to my diet.

Thank you Julie for guiding me!

Amanda S.

On top of dealing with PCOS most of my life, I was recently diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. I tried every diet and I was never able to continue with it. Once I failed, I would just give up. Then, I found Julie and a new health journey began. [...]

So far, I've lost 10 lbs, my A1C went from 6.7 to 6.0 and I've never felt better :)

Thank you Julie for literally changing my life, for being a motivating and supportive health coach but most importantly, for always believing in me :) If you're stuck in a rut and need some guidance, I highly recommend contacting Julie!

Anne S.

During Julie's program, she broke down so much information into digestible bites for us to understand and gave us practical advice on how to apply invaluable health tools to our day-to-day lives. I am eternally grateful for Julie's help with learning how to tune in and listen to my body, which has greatly improved my overall health and well-being.

Ashley M.

Course Modules


Module 1: Blood Sugar 101

Learn the basics of blood sugar balance.

Understand the effects of the food you eat on your blood sugar levels, and how unbalanced blood sugar levels contribute to cravings, energy crashes, weight gain and other conditions. 

Learn the core strategies to keep your blood sugar levels balance so that you feel satisfied after a meal, have stable energy, begin losing weight and more.


Module 2: Macronutrient Recommendations

Learn how to portion out your carbohydrates, proteins, fats and vegetables with a simple tool to promote blood sugar balance

(Note: no weighing your food on a scale or counting calories, I promise!)


Module 3: Creating Balanced Meals

Learn how to create breakfasts, lunches, suppers and snacks that are both nutrient-rich and keep your blood sugar levels stable.

Recipes provided.


To help you create long-lasting change

In addition to the 3 main modules, I'm sharing these extra tools and lessons to help you create long-lasting results.

The mindset shift required for sustainable change

I talk about the #1 reason why people quit after going on a diet, and what you can do to create long-lasting change instead.

Addressing your relationship with food

I teach you an empowering way to think about food to help remove guilt or anxiety you might feel around certain foods.

Implementation tips

 I give you a suggested weekly implementation plan so that you don't have to do it alone.

Eating balanced outside of home (New bonus added March 2024)

I share with you advice on how to enjoy balanced meals at restaurants and while traveling.

Guide to supporting hormone balance (New bonus added March 2024)

This is a guide created for my 1:1 clients to help them understand how lifestyle habits (including blood sugar balance!) impacts hormonal balance and menstrual health. I also share action steps you can take to naturally support your hormonal health.

Invest in yourself and your health

79$ CAD

Sale: 39$ CAD

  • Access to video lessons
  • 100 + Recipes
  • Bonus courses to set you up for success
  • Suggested weekly implementation plan 
  • Life-time access

How focusing on your blood sugar levels can improve your health

On March 11th, 2020, I was officially diagnosed with borderline prediabetes along with the news of the pandemic. [...]

This September 2020, I got the wonderful news that I am back to normal (from an HbA1c of 6.4% to 5.8%)! It's a journey that never stops evolving but I am determined to not go back to my old lifestyle.

Thank you Julie for the support in my journey toward a healthier me!

Christina T.

I initially came to Julie for help with my irregular cycles, painful periods and intense PMS that was interfering with my day-to-day. 

While we focused on different strategies, one of them that I found most helpful was balancing my blood sugar levels.

It was the first one we put in place, and that allowed me to have my first period in over 9 months! It has also helped with the cravings I was feeling in the days leading up to my period.

I'm confident my cycle is going to continue to improve as I implement Julie's recommendations. Thank you Julie!

Sharon P.

Honest disclaimer

I'm always wary of people who claim to have found THE solution to ALL of your problems. 

And that's why I feel the need to say the following.

While balancing your blood sugar levels is crucial and everyone would benefit from it...

It also isn't the miracle solution to all of the health conditions out there. 

Let's also not forget about the other pillars of nutrition and health such as: a varied whole-food diet, gut health, stress management, proper detoxification, sleep, movement, connection and more.

That's being said, blood sugar level is part of the foundational tools I use with ALL of my clients and it's almost always the first strategy I give them.

They always see an improvement in how they feel once we've address this pillar of nutrition.

In several cases, a few of the issues they came to me with have been solved without the need of an additional tool (ex. cravings, brain fog, afternoon energy crashes and headaches). 

However, for more complex situations or symptoms, we do have to address the other pillars of health (ex. nutrient deficiencies, gut health, stress, etc.).

Therefore, here's my intention for the Balanced course: 

It will help you build a solid foundation for fueling and taking care of your body so that you can feel better. 

And when you're ready, you can build upon this foundation and add more tools to your wellness toolkit.


I'm ready to join! What are the next steps?

So thrilled to have you join us!

1) Click here to enroll in the course.

2) You will be brought to a secure check-out page where you insert your personal information and payment details.

3) Confirm that you have read the Service and Terms agreement.

4) You will then be brought to a Thank-You page with additional instructions and a welcome e-mail. 

Can't wait for you to join!

i'm busy. How much time will this program ask of me?

As this is a self-pace program, you get to choose how much time per week you want to spend implementing the lessons.

Each topic contains video lessons that last between 5 to 20 minutes. As each topic contains several video lessons, it will take you between 20-45 minutes per topic.

The recipes suggested in my program take between 5 to 40 minutes to prepare. Of course, meal prepping helps reduce the total amount of time spent on cooking per week :)

That being said, I strongly encourage you set this time aside to focus on yourself and your goals. (It's not selfish!) You are 100% worth investing your time in.

How long will I have access to the program?

You will have life-time access to the course for as long as the platform used to host the course exists.

Are the recipes complicated? I'm not a big cook.

Here's a secret... I'm a lazy cook! I love convenient yummy meals that can be made under 30 minutes. My suggested recipes usually contain under 10 ingredients and can be cooked in larger batches to save you time.

Are the recipes adapted for vegans?

While I share several plant-based recipes, my program isn't exclusively vegan.

I have several vegetarian (i.e. eggs) and pescatarian options.

Is there a refund?

Due to the nature of this digital product, there are no refunds once you purchase the course.

Can I claim this on my insurances? Do you give insurance receipts?

I unfortunately cannot give you an insurance receipt for online courses. 

Some private insurances have a "wellness spending account" that covers non-medical expenses that are related to improving your wellbeing (ex. gym memberships). You may be able to claim the cost of the Balanced course under that account. Check with your insurance company.

What access will I get to Julie?

As this is a self-paced course, you will have no direct access to me.

If you desire 1:1 support to get personalized recommendations, you check out my services here.

Got a question that isn't in this list?

No problem! Click here to send me an e-mail, and I will personally answer your question.

Begin to feel better today

Learn the foundational steps to balancing your blood sugar levels and regaining your health.

I want you to enjoy a long healthy life

As a healthcare professional, I'm astonished that the topic of blood sugar imbalance isn't talked about more often (both in the general public and the medical crowd) when it contributes to so many chronic illnesses - and yet is simple to reverse in the early stages. 

This is why I'm on a mission to help as many people as possible to balance their blood sugar levels so that they can feel their best, reduce their need in medication and enjoy a long healthy life.

May this course help you achieve that.